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This is a great game. I love the graphics and controls the concept of switching between two dimensions is really fun. Overall, I love this game

Can we download it?

I'll see about adding a downloadable version if I update.


if you do update can you please add a download of the older version? i speedrun this game and dont want to have to restart learning new stuff

Huh, didn't even think about that. I'll definitely have a downloadable old version if I update!


how the heck do you beat drop the bass lma

Depends, where are you stuck on?


I made a full review on this game! 

Thanks! I'll reply to this again once I find the time to watch it in full!


this is very good idea, nice!

As someone who loves classic kirby these graphics are basically screaming for to play.

You're the third person I've seen compare the game's graphics to old Kirby graphics. I wasn't intending on making them look like that, but I'll take the complement!

Really great game, only i don't understand the puzzle 'adaptive flipability'.

i couldn't find the red button

Maybe the blocks are red because the button is in a red dimension? ;P


nevermind i found it, just couldn't find the spot to switch, thanks for the game


Great visuals, the puzzles were a bit hard and not very intuitive. Overall, good job, though.

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I'm not exactly the best at puzzle design, haha.


I like it! Good levels, Good visuals, great gameplay... Just a shame there wasn't music for the levels but either way good a good game!

My composer friend ran into a lot of problems during the jam and didn't have time to do much, sadly!


The controls for me were a bit hard, but the game is amazing, the sound and graphic design are both good and gameplay feels smooth :P


equippedhats this you? Btw can'play rn, on phone, will play tomorrow. But i know it will be good! I mean, the stufc you posted on discord speaks for itself. 

Yeah, it's me!


This game is SO PRETTY for a short jam, and the gameplay is pretty fun and creative.

oh yes i think i know how you can solve the problem ! i use godot too, you must go to your project settings, in the window tab, go to the bottom and select these options

Huh, that's what I set those two options to. It might be my export settings actually.

maybe change 2D with viewport

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Seems like the problem was I had it set to project instead of adaptive resize

ok ?

Basically that means I have to reexport the game to add full working full screen and I'm pretty sure that's not allowed, so I'll add it if I do a post-jam update.

sorry i didn't see the second button...

It's fine! I actually was expecting it to be a little hard to find.

sorry its level 3 not 2

Ah, sorry, I got a little confused. It's hidden around where the enemies are in the blue dimension. If you walk around there you can find it by the sound

there is a shortcut in level 2 and i dont know why but i cant find where is the second button in stage 2

its a very good game but can you just enable this option so we can play the game fullscreen

Will do!

Ah, scratch that, the way the export is set up fullscreen mode doesn't work, sorry.

ok ^^


i LOVE the arts c;